Hire an Award Winning Comedian for your Corporate Event, Award Show or After Dinner speaking.

For over a decade Ha Ha Comedy has been working with many of today’s biggest names in the world of comedy. We have booked performers for global market leading brands at prestigious events in some of the UK’s most iconic venues. Over a decade of running comedy clubs, festivals and the Scottish & English Comedian of the Year competitions means Ha Ha Comedy has unequalled knowledge of the UK comedy scene. This means that we can find the right comedians for all sizes of budgets.

[Bronze - Less than £1,000]        [Silver £1,000 - £3,000]      [Gold £3,000 - £10,000]          [Platinum £10,000+]

All of the below Silver comedians are award winning comedians who bring a high quality performance to your corporate event., awards show or after dinner speaking. Many of these acts are the stars of tomorrow. The regularly sell out national tours in arts centres and small theatres as well as the Edinburgh Fringe. They may have appeared on TV panel shows or more likely Radio $ comedy shows.

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John Bishop

Back in 2001, less than a year after he started performing, Ha Ha Comedy was one of the first promoters to give John Bishop headline status. He appeared at our legendary Altrincham gig supported by a young Russell Howard.

Before he hit the big time, in 2008 Ha Ha Comedy promoted John Bishop’s Glasgow Comedy Festival shows

Now a household name he is regularly on our TV screens and easily sells out 15,000 seater venues.

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